Saturday, December 02, 2006


Needless to say, I'm very frustrated about the lack of progress in getting high tech companies to recognize the needs of people with disabilities. Aside from venting my feelings to these companies and through this blog, I will be sure to let the Congress and Senate know about how the lack of enforcement of accessibility "guidelines" is hurting people

Here are my latest installments regarding my experiences with IT and telecom products and services. These companies and their products are all my first picks for the HALL OF SHAME!


I volunteered the following information to SKYPE 'customer support' via an online form they provide for reporting problems:

Simply stated, my problem is that the Skype application is not accessible to anyone with a vision impairment. Yet another popular application that I will be unable to use because the developers failed to support the standard 'accessibility' settings built into Windows.

Why is it that UI programmers fail to consider the needs of visually impaired users? There are over 20 million in the USA. Most need only minor adjustments for font size and, the ability to adjust the background and font color schemes to increase contrast.

Windows UI provides the means to do this BUT inconsiderate and poorly educated designers take it upon themselves to ignor the user preferences -- thus, eliminating any possibility of using the installation, setup and applications menus.

It's been FIFTEEN YEARS since passage of the ADA and yet another tech company is making it impossible for people with disabilities to participate in society. You're hurting people with your ignorance and you should be ashamed!

FYI: You can read along with any response sent to me in reference to this submission on my Blog, ''


"Your support request was not submitted as there are some possible answers in our knowledgebase, they are listed below. If your answer is not listed then please click the button at the bottom of this page."

"Hello again fullervision,

We hope you've enjoyed your first couple of weeks with this great piece of software..."

Surely -- you jest...


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