Sunday, December 18, 2005

Incosiderate Moron Awards

This section began as a selection of the email correspondences between me and people I was hoping to get answers from about accessibility problems I encountered.

The responses I received were so stupid, that I decided to share them with everyone and to make an official contest -- with awards and all! Please feel free to join in with your own experiences. It's time we got these people the recognition they so richly deserve!

The goal is to identify and explain to others why they or their organization's actions/products or services are inconsiderate of the needs of people with disabilities.

We now invite our readers to contribute their own emails and to make nominations.

New Year's eve we will choose and publish your choice of a champion! Part of the fun will be to notify anyone so nominated of their special recognition we feel they deserve.

The overriding goal will to recognize and identify the industries, companies and individuals who have truly demonstrated they are vastly ignorant of accessibility or, who's efforts have set back all hope of positive progress in the 21st century.

Special categories will be created for web designers, web applications developers and other uninformed and uncaring professionals. Because of the scale and magnitude of the crimes of the Bush Administration and their stooges in the Senate, Congress and their cadre of appointed public officals we will create a special 'Dishonorable and Unmentionable Award' catagory for the "parasitic traitors" in both political parties (especially George Bush' republicans).

Is there a really mean, ignorant, stupid or worthless product, service, software app, government agency/official, building, company or, celebrety that deserves such recognition? You know it! Make your nomination today, tell us about your choice(s) and -- don't forget to vote for your favorite!


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